New Affinity Program with Benefits Connection


To members of the Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce:

In response to our legislative priorities of reducing health insurance premiums for our members and reducing costs for businesses overall, it is with great pride that we are able to offer two excellent programs through Benefits Connection. It has been, and continues to be, our mission to introduce new programs that will benefit as many members as possible.

First, Benefits Connection is partnering with Aetna to introduce their new Affinity program to Delaware businesses. This is a unique Healthcare plan and will be available to members 12/1/19. At this time, due to Delaware regulations and approval, it is available for groups with 6 to 100 employees. Here are some quick facts about the new Aetna Affinity program.

  • It is a level funding plan with tiered rates (not age rated like ACA)
  • The rates are based on the wellness of the group’s employees
  • Rates are usually 10-25% lower than ACA plan rates
  • Partial return of premium when claims are less than expected

To discuss this new Aetna Affinity Program you can call Benefits Connection and Allen Insurance Group at 302-654-8823 or 800-486-1244. You can also visit to provide your employee census and request a quote.

Secondly, another issue facing businesses is payroll processing. This can be a drain on businesses for both time and cost. The Benefits Connection has developed a program with Paylocity for our members. Paylocity can offer the basic payroll admin service, as well as, include various type of HR services and is fully integrated into our Employee Navigator, which is a no cost employee benefit platform for our members.

The bottom line is this: Paylocity will add a 20% credit on the admin charges for our members.

To discuss this offering in more detail you can call the Benefits Connection and Allen Insurance Group at 302-654-8823 or 800-486-1244, or visit and request they contact you.

We are pleased to provide these two new and exciting programs to our members!

The Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce

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