Sarge Athletics Expands To Bethany Beach


 Sarge Athletics, the brainchild of Patrick “Sarge” Avon, a Navy Veteran, author, and fitness coach, proudly announces its expansion from Frederick, Maryland, to the breathtaking shores of Bethany Beach. With a commitment to fitness and a mission to enrich lives through physical activity, Sarge Athletics is poised to introduce groundbreaking fitness services to the coastal community.

Known affectionately as “Sarge,” Patrick Avon has devoted his post-military career to aiding adults in improving their fitness, empowering them to participate in more active sports like tennis and running. Now, Sarge is bringing his wealth of expertise and distinctive approach to Bethany Beach, promising a fitness experience that stands out from the rest. Sarge Athletics will specialize in three unparalleled services not currently available in the beach communities:

  1. Pickleball Fitness: Recognizing the surging popularity of pickleball in coastal communities, Sarge Athletics is introducing a specialized fitness program tailored for pickleball enthusiasts. Despite Sarge’s humble admission of his own pickleball skills, he envisions unlocking the untapped potential for improving players’ physical performance. By incorporating targeted fitness changes and utilizing a specially designed fitness tool, Sarge is confident in rapidly enhancing participants’ pickleball skills.
  2. Stretch Training: Sarge Athletics is introducing dedicated stretch trainers to cater to those with stiff muscles, enabling active adults and athletes to move more freely and reduce the risk of injuries. This service aims to enhance flexibility and overall mobility, ensuring clients can perform at their best.
  3. Private One-on-One Training: Offering personalized, one-on-one training sessions, Sarge Athletics allows clients to focus on their specific needs, accelerating progress in areas such as improved movement, fat loss, strength, or post-physical therapy recovery. Sarge has collaborated with local physical therapists to serve their clients effectively, and partnerships with local health food stores guide clients towards better nutrition choices. Additionally, a strategic alliance with Charm City Running, a local running store, ensures clients receive expert advice when making informed choices about their running shoes.

Patrick “Sarge” Avon expressed his enthusiasm for the expansion, stating, “Bringing Sarge Athletics to Bethany Beach is a significant milestone for us. We’re excited to offer unique services and partnerships that address the diverse needs of our community, empowering individuals to lead healthier, more active lives.”

As Sarge Athletics makes its mark on Bethany Beach, residents, visitors, and fitness enthusiasts are invited to join the celebration of the grand opening. Keep an eye out for upcoming events, promotions, and opportunities to experience the unmatched fitness offerings of Sarge Athletics.


About Sarge Athletics

Sarge Athletics, founded in 2010 by Navy Veteran Patrick “Sarge” Avon, is a fitness company dedicated to enhancing individuals’ lives through innovative and personalized fitness programs. With a commitment to fostering a healthier community, Sarge Athletics brings a unique approach to fitness that stands out on the Bethany Beach shores. For more information, visit


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