Employees Tell Mountaire They No Longer Want Union Representation Mountaire Farms Withdraws Recognition of Teamsters Local 355


Employees in the company’s Selbyville plant who are part of Teamsters Local 355 sent a letter to Mountaire Farms recently explaining they no longer wanted to be represented by the union.

Signed by a majority of the employees represented by the Teamsters Union at the Selbyville plant, the letter was addressed to management at Mountaire Farms. “We are writing to express our interest in no longer being represented by Teamsters Local 355,” the letter stated. “We are tired and simply want them out of our lives since they serve no purpose. We trust that our company will do the right thing.”

Mountaire notified Teamsters Local 355 by letter today that it would no longer recognize the union as the collective bargaining representative of employees at the plant. Employees will no longer have union dues and assessments withheld from their paychecks.  The employees previously represented by the Teamsters work in various departments at the facility, including live haul, live receiving, box room, cooler, shipping, and sanitation.


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