a red hat sitting on top of a sandy beach

Operation SEAs the Day is very happy to announce that Warrior Beach Week is being planned for 9/2/2022-9/11/2022.   The OSTD Board stated, “This event is important for our Country’s Wounded Veteran families as well as Bethany Beach and surrounding communities.”

Warrior Beach Week provides post 911 wounded military veterans and their families a week of rest and relaxation in the Bethany Beach area to enjoy the sun, sand, and recognition.   Our community’s tremendous support since 2013 has changed lives and made Warrior Beach Week a highly desirable event for veterans and their families.  While the past 2 years’ postponements have been disappointing, all who support Operation SEAs The Day should be proud of the significant positive impact the Bethany community has made on our honored guests in past years.

In their prior events, Operation Seas the Day has hosted over 1,000 individuals, held four weddings and, with the community’s generosity, positively impacted the lives of veteran family guests simply by the “Thank You” extended by neighbors and businesses.  The OSTD Board extends a Thank you to the hundreds of Volunteers, Businesses, Sponsors, Homeowners, Boaters, Golfers, Horse riding, and flag waving crowds.  A community coming together to applaud Veteran family service and solute their courage.

We look forward to again welcoming, recognizing, cheering, and celebrating Warrior Beach Week from September 2-11, 2022.

Keep in touch with Operation SEAs The Day from their website www.operationseastheday.org and signing up for the OSTD Newsletter.